Beard Facial Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Lush and fuller beards have always been trendy and aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. While for some, fashion is a priority, for others, the beard is a culture, as well as a status symbol that signifies masculinity. If you want to grow a beard but are unhappy with the density and distribution of facial hair, Don’t Lose Hope!  Beard Facial Hair Transplant Dubai can help achieve a fuller, more even appearance by removing all blotchy areas and increasing the density of facial hair. The treatment can also be beneficial for people with facial scarring, since the implanted hair takes root in damaged skin, effectively hiding existing scars.

How to Get a Fuller Beard?

Like all other transplants, beard hair is also transplanted using one of the two techniques. Both techniques are explained below in detail:

FUT Technique:

This is a strip technique, in which a strip of skin, 10 to 25 cm long is surgically cut out from the donor area. Follicular units or grafts are cut out from the strip obtained which the doctor transplants into the area that needs hair. In this method, the extractions and implantation both are carried out with the help of a scalpel.  Therefore, the scars will also be visible throughout the grafting area, i.e., all over the face.

FUE Technique:

This modern and effective technique does not require cutting out a whole strip. For a collection of hair units, a special device is used which extracts individual follicular units. The hair is implanted manually as well. A scalpel with tweezers can be used or in some cases, a special implanter pen is used. This technique requires great care and precision from the doctor.

The time of the procedure also depends on the experience of the surgeon. This method can be used for hair transplantation in the beard area, but it is very important to accurately observe the direction of hair growth when implanting the graft, otherwise, the transplanted hair will look unnatural.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

People having the following issues choose to get the treatment:

  • Insufficient growth of hair on the face or its complete absence
  • The desire to correct the growth line of a mustache or beard
  • The need to mask scars in the beard and mustache area

However, the treatment is not recommended for people having the following conditions:

  • Diabetes because the body’s resistance to any infections decreases, and wounds, even the smallest ones, heal for a very long time
  • Intolerance to local anesthetics, which means the impossibility of normal anesthesia
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • A special mental condition in which people impulsively pull out their own hair

Quick Tip! Beard transplant surgery is not recommended for patients with weak donor sites or patients suffering from alopecia caused by medication, stress or medical treatment, as these forms of baldness are treated without surgery.

What is the Duration of the Treatment?

Depending on how many follicles need to be transplanted, the operation lasts from two to eight hours. If desired, the transplant process can be divided into several stages. The entire intervention is performed under local anesthesia, like a dentist.

How Long Does the Recovery Take?

Microscopic wounds on the head heal in 3-5 days. In the setting area, the hair takes root within 3 weeks, it is impossible to shave currently. After the transplanted hairs have taken root, you can continue to grow a beard or shave smoothly, there are no scars on the skin.

What are Aftercare Instructions?

After the Beard Facial Hair Transplant Dubai, you cannot shave the facial hair with a razor for at least 3 months, but you can shave with a trimmer after 2 months, you can cut your hair with scissors after 1 month after the operation.

Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating, such as cardio exercise, for at least one month. You should also avoid steam rooms, saunas, and other similar activities.

Do not drink alcohol for at least 1 week after surgery to ensure fast healing. Be careful not to touch or scratch the areas where the grafts have been applied, as they will be sensitive.

The Takeaway!

It is evident that in some areas nothing is impossible for modern medicine. That means you shouldn’t be afraid. Indeed, regardless of the reasons that prompted the patient to resort to transplantation, an experienced doctor will help the patient get the result that he has always dreamed of. In addition, the speed of technology transfer and the quality of their execution is now unusually high. Therefore, if a decision has been made about getting a Beard Facial Hair Transplant in Dubai, it must be worth spending time and money and getting the desired results. This is why you must choose Enfield Royal Hair Transplant Clinic.