Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

The lifting of the arms guarantees a significant correction of the excess fat of the inner part of the arms as well as the removal of loose skin, with a remodeling of the morphology in general. It is a precise surgical procedure, with a simple post-operative phase and a visible and lasting result. It is a cosmetic surgery that leads to a reduction of the volume of the circumference of the arms. Excess fat is eliminated while the residual skin is surgically removed. Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also affordable for the result you can achieve.

How is the Surgery Carried Out?

The skin tissue surrounding the soft tissues of the body tends to fail with different effects over time. One of these soft tissue areas is the part of the arms between the elbow and armpit. Arm stretching is a surgical method applied to recover from the sagging. The sagging tissues are stretched, and a new arm image is obtained.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

The lifting procedure of the inner band of the arms is indicated for those patients who:

  • Suffer from skin relaxation often associated with excess volume
  • The normal aging process results in loss of elasticity
  • There is a lack of self confidence in the individual
  • Men and women both can get the treatment


The Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai can range from AED 600 to AED 28000. The cost depends on the treatment technique used, number of sessions required, doctor’s expertise, clinic level, and location. The doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following factors impact the cost of surgery:

Technique Used:

The surgery is done through different techniques and each of these techniques costs different. Some are complex procedures which cost more than other less complex procedures. The technique your doctor considers to be most suitable for results you are looking to achieve will impact the cost significantly.

Number of Sessions:

In some treatments, you don’t witness the results of treatment in just a single session, and it takes some time to see a significant change. In such cases, the more sessions you must take the more it will cost.

Desired Results:

The kind of results you are looking to achieve determine how much the treatment costs. For everyone, the expected results vary, and it impacts the cost significantly.

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Doctor’s Qualification:

The training and experience of a doctor in his field determines how much he will charge for his services. The higher the qualifications and experience is the more he is likely to charge.

Clinic Location:

The country, region, and city the clinic is located in impacts the cost of their treatments and services.

Clinic Level:

The equipment, premises, staff, and doctors of a clinic will determine the level of a clinic and the level will impact the cost significantly.


In most surgeries anesthesia is used, and the cost of anesthesia and anesthesiologist add a significant amount to the overall cost.

Recovery and Results:

The postoperative phase involves bruising and moderate edema for 10 to 20 days. The pains are bearable and can be controlled with analgesics.

The patient can resume work after 15 days and sporting activity after a month.

The final result will be visible on average 4 months after the facelift, the time necessary for the bruising to disappear but also for the skin to return to normal.

Insurance Coverage:

The vital point in getting insurance for any treatment depends on whether it is medically necessary or not. If the treatment would be done for a problem that is negatively impacting the life and the symptoms are unbearable.

Most plastic surgery procedures are aimed at reshaping the facial features and contouring the body to help improve self-esteem and confidence by giving aesthetic improvements. The Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may not be covered by insurance because it is considered an aesthetic procedure.

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