Are White Strips Safe on Tooth Enamel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Whether you have a photoshoot, an interview, or a celebration coming up, you need to feel comfortable in your grin. Arabs have spent over a billion on whitening strips and other teeth-whitening treatments because they place a high value on having a bright smile.

But do whitening strips work? Furthermore, Are White Strips Safe on Tooth Enamel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Although they provide a speedy remedy for teeth whitening requirements, their use has some adverse side effects, such as enhanced sensitivity and protein weakness.

What are Whitening Strips?

Typically, whitening strips contain a thin plastic film containing whitening gel. This gel frequently contains hydrogen peroxide in Dubai, ranging from 5% to 15%. They are over-the-counter, and the time they are worn varies depending on your chosen brand. They are typically worn for around 30 minutes each day.

The average course of treatment lasts no more than two weeks. Extrinsic stains, or those on the surface of your teeth, can be removed from the enamel of your teeth using these methods. But they can’t get rid of intrinsic stains, ones that are in your dentin, beneath your enamel, or elsewhere.

How Do Bleaching Strips Function?

White stripes are typically thin, rectangular strips. One side is smooth, while the other has a whitening gel and an adhesive substance. Similar to stickers, the strips are packaged with a plastic backing. Your teeth’ top and bottom strips typically differ, with the top strip typically being longer.

To utilise the strips, you need to carefully press each strip into your teeth after removing it from its backing. White stripes can be worn for anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on the type you obtain. You discard the strips and rinse your mouth when the prescribed time has passed. Try to remove the sticky gel that strips frequently leave on your teeth by rinsing.

Ingredients in White Strips:

Depending on the brand you choose, the ingredients in white strips might vary, however many of them include things like:

  • The primary bleaching agent that whitens enamel is hydrogen peroxide.
  • Prevents future staining of dental enamel with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP).
  • Stain remover: sodium hydroxide
  • Glycerin is used to secure strips.
  • Strip adhesion is improved with hydroxypropyl cellulose.

Whitening Strips: Harmful to the Enamel?

Are White Strips Safe on Tooth Enamel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The answer is that whitening strips harm enamel. Your teeth have three layers: connective tissue, dentin, and enamel. The dentin layer contains many collagen proteins and has a high protein content. Your enamel needs the support and fortification provided by your dentin.

They used whitening strips on extracted human teeth and kept track of the dentin layer’s protein levels to examine how the strips affected those levels.

Their findings showed that shrinking proteins damaged the dentin layer due to hydrogen peroxide, one of the significant elements in whitening solutions like the strips they used. Three times as many whitening strips were applied to extracted teeth, causing more harm and shrinking collagen proteins.

The Risks of Gum Issues:

An essential component of the entire whitening procedure is the bleaching component of teeth whitening strips. The bleaching agent is severe enough to harm the soft tissue in your gums, even if it may not be as potent as the gels dentists use. It would be best if you made every effort to keep the whitening strips away from your gums. Unfortunately, it is simpler to say than to do. Consider trimming the strips with scissors to match your smile for a more exact placement.

What Causes Teeth Whitening Strips to Hurt?

When using hydrogen peroxide-based whitening strips, many people complain of soreness. Your teeth may hurt even if the hydrogen peroxide itself doesn’t. Instead, it can make teeth more sensitive.

Additionally, a more recent theory suggests that this might be the case because hydrogen peroxide oxidises proteins in the tooth’s dentin layer, causing them to disintegrate and expose the nerves. Since hydrogen peroxide is a potent chemical, if your white strips come into touch with your gums, this could also result in discomfort and irritation.

Why Pick Us?

Strips for teeth whitening are readily accessible and reasonably priced. These strips may be a cost-efficient and practical way to improve oral hygiene and overall health. The strips must be replaced frequently because the results are not long-lasting. Hypersensitivity and gum embarrassment are risks. You should know Are White Strips Safe on Tooth Enamel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Fill out the consultation form below to book a free appointment at Enfield Royal Dental Clinic.

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