Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Skin bleaching shots are a widely known procedure known as Glutathione injections. The system has gained popularity in the culture due to its massive advantages. Nowadays, people lag the white and fair skin lightening. So, they are looking for ways to offer them their wanted skin shade. Your skin shade may influence you due to any type of reason. The reason can be genetics, genetics, environmental effects, side-effects of medicine, and so on. Hence, whatever the reason is, our finest cosmetic & cosmetic surgeon in Dubai is supplying you with the treatment with ideal results. Learn more about Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Prep Work:

Our cosmetic surgeon offers details instructions to the person for skin bleaching injections. That is essential to adhere to before the treatment. These directions permit the individual to get safe treatment and the best possible results.

  • The individual encourages staying clear of straight sunlight.
  • The doctor encourages the lab tests to the individual.

These tests include a renal feature examination, CBC, and liver function examination. So, our specialist cosmetic surgeon offers some other guidelines based on a particular case.

How Does it Work?

Aqua Skin bleaching contains 18 ingredients for several factors of skin whitening, skin protection, resistance, anti-aging, complexion enhancement, and also complete character improvement. The components begin working from the dermis layers of skin where the Melanocytes live.

The active ingredients pass through deep into the Melanocytes and alter the manufacturing of a process Melanin. Whiteness pigments replace the brown and black stains to a proportion of 85% or more. Considering that it occurs faster, the skin can be transformed into fair skin within a few weeks. Moreover, the modifications occur throughout the body from the head to the toe.


The Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Dubai varies from AED 350 TO AED 850. Nonetheless, the therapy price depends on various aspects; these aspects exist below:

Aspects on Which Rate Depends:

Standard of the Facility:

It relies on the clinic’s credibility from where you receive the therapy because level plays a vital function in treatment. Even more, moral as well as prominent center delivers impacts that the person desires.

Establishment of the Hospital:

The location at which the clinic is presently existing defines the cost of the procedure. As our is present in Dubai, the expense for the therapy is according to its area.

The expertise of the Doctor:

When the paramedic is experienced & a lot more experienced, he will certainly demand even more of the strategy as he entirely comprehends how to take on the treatment.

Number of Shots Utilized:

The variety of injections needed to deal with skin diseases decides the charges for the therapy. Even worse skin disease call for more injections

What to Expect:

You can anticipate the improvement of skin from completely dry, oily, or various other adverse problems into a healthy and balanced white skin tone. Antioxidant aspects eliminate all the harmful components produced by UV radiation. The modification in skin appearance takes place slowly but definitely with time. You can anticipate maintaining white skin and a bright complexion for the rest of your life with no side effects.


  • Constant enhancement in skin lightening from the first day
  • Complete security of skin from UV, diseases, and also disorders
  • Elimination of aging signs
  • Enhanced skin complexion from moisturizing and protein-based nourishment
  • Boosted skin immunity
  • Youthful skin for the rest of your life

The substantial enhancement in skin wellness and tightness are the included benefits of the product. Since the procedure usually happens, it is irreparable and has no side effects. The preliminary adjustments in skin pigment could be steady, but they can boost speed after reaching the limit level. Complete reconstruction of skin health is guaranteed.

At Royal, Skin Whitening is inexpensive!

Millions of people are considering in-office procedures as the craze for skin whitening reaches its peak. The option is up to you; that’s the key! Never let money impede your growth. Consider, plan, and choose what you need to accomplish to look after yourself. As Dubai’s leading cosmetic surgery center, we never want cost to be a barrier to your grooming. Patients can easily afford our Aqua Skin Whitening Injection Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The remainder of our cosmetic procedures is paid for in installments.