Alopecia Areata Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price Alopecia

Some people go through a process of progressive hair loss on the head or other hairy areas of the skin. The problem rarely leads to complete baldness in the patient. In some areas, there is complete baldness and in others, you have a completely natural hairline. The problem known as alopecia areata does not threaten the health of patients but is considered by them a pronounced cosmetic defect. Alopecia Areata Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah depends on the treatment option selected and the duration of treatment.

What Treatments are Suggested?

The method of treatment is selected depending on the localization and prevalence of the issue, and the degree of activity of the pathological process. The following treatment options are suggested to the patients:


The healing effect of our blood has been known for a long time, but due to which components tissue regeneration occurs. Platelets immediately react to tissue damage whether it be the vascular wall, connective, or bone tissue. It has been proven that if you increase the concentration of platelets by more than four times from the original norm, then we will get a colossal healing effect.

Platelet-rich plasma stops the process of follicle death and switches them from the shedding phase to the growth phase, thereby restoring volume to the hair.

Cost: The treatment will include several sessions and can cost from AED 699 to AED 1999.

Laser Therapy:

It is one of the most effective treatments for various types of hair loss. Low-intensity lasers in the red and infrared ranges are used for the treatment. Under the influence of light energy metabolic processes are activated and blood flow is increased at the level of the dermis.

The treatment will result in restoration of hair growth and is absolutely safe. It meets all international safety standards. The minimum recovery time after the procedure, as the laser does not damage the top layer of the skin. Hair becomes stronger, more elastic, thicker, voluminous, shiny, and healthy.

Cost: The cost of laser treatment can range from AED 1499 to AED 6,999.


It is a popular service that is used for rejuvenation. The technique is minimally invasive in that drugs are injected into the middle layers of the skin using excessive injections.

The technique is used both as an independent therapy for the treatment of various skin problems and rejuvenation, as well as part of a complex for rehabilitation after plastic surgery or laser procedures.

Cost: The Alopecia Areata Treatment cost in Dubai can cost from AED 450 to AED 1200.

Steroid Injections:

Systemic steroids in high doses, in pulsed therapy, and for a short time, are effective in patchy alopecia in the acute phase. Which steroids will be used and in what concentration is determined by the doctor after examining the patient and their condition.

Cost: The cost can range from AED 450 to AED 1999.

Topical Treatments:

They are effective in patchy alopecia as well as stable total alopecia. However, the doctors will only suggest this treatment in severe cases. A specially formulated chemical solution is applied to the scalp to give a new push to the hair and shafts.

Cost: The cost can range from AED 399 to AED 2,999.

Quick Tip! The actual cost of each treatment will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation and an examination of the patient.


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