Allurion Balloon Clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

The question of losing weight is always relevant for men and women who are overweight. And if you are one of the people who could not follow diets or lose a significant amount of weight any other way. An allurion balloon is swallowed like a pill, and when it reaches the stomach, it inflates. It does not affect the body in any way, and it helps you lose weight as kilograms melt away day after day. Enfield Royal Weight Loss Clinic, one of the best Allurion Balloon Clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, offers long-term assistance and effective treatment.

Allurion Balloon Clinic:

Enfield Royal Clinic offers its patients the most comfortable hospital with highly qualified medical staff equipped with the most modern equipment.

Our experts ensure that they allow patients always to choose the most convenient form of treatment. Our specialists will always give the necessary advice and select the optimal combination of methods. For diagnosing and treating problems related to nutrition and lifestyle.

Benefits of Getting Treated at our Weight Loss Clinic:

Getting the treatment at Allurion Balloon Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will provide the following advantages:

Appropriate treatment: The expert doctors and dietitians will provide the suitable and appropriate treatment

Modern Diagnostics: Only modern and effective equipment is used to diagnose the issues accurately.

Qualified Doctors: Our services are only performed by trained staff and highly skilled specialists.  

Quality care: Each patient receives the necessary attention from doctors and staff. An individual treatment plan is selected for each patient.

Comprehensive Treatment: All visits to the doctor will ensure the correct examination and assessment of the patient’s condition.


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Best Allurion Balloon Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of Allurion Balloon Clinic Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of Allurion Balloon Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Should you Lose Weight at the Clinic or at Home?

Staying at the hospital is only recommended for low-mobility or disabled patients. Everyone else can achieve the same results in the fight against obesity outpatient.  

The dietitian will draw up an optimal individual weight loss program, and the help of a psychologist may be needed if there is a risk of a possible breakdown. Such a system has many advantages because treating obesity is a long process and can take months.

It is also much easier and faster to learn how to put into practice the knowledge received from doctors about meals and lifestyle choices. Weight loss is not just about getting the treatment, but it is also about maintaining the same lifestyle and consciously making required lifestyle changes.

Wherever you are treated, at home or in a hospital, with the help of our expert team, you will definitely find the desired harmony, health, and longevity!

Is the Treatment Effective?

Yes, the balloon that can be swallowed exhibits the same activity compared to the 6-month gastric balloon. An average weight loss of 15 to 20 kg is possible in both.

Who Can Get the Allurion Balloon Treatment?

The elliptical swallowable balloon is ideal for people aged 18-65 with a body mass index of 27 to 40. It is the most suitable type of balloon. For people who do not like anesthesia or do not want to receive anesthesia.

What are the Benefits of Allurion Balloon?

The procedure is entirely straightforward and requires no invasive treatment. The greatest advantage is that there is no need to do any intervention to place it in the stomach or to take it out. 


Is maximum attention significant to you? Then our individual treatment program is at your service, during which you will receive a detailed. Comprehensive consultation with a psychotherapist who will conduct detailed diagnostics of fat accumulation in your body, draw up an individual weight loss plan and suggest the most appropriate weight loss procedure to you. The best Allurion Balloon Clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is your best bet for achieving the ideal body.