Ageless PRP Hair Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

PRP Injections are used for various dermal concerns and internal concerns. It is the best suitable for athletes and those candidates, who do not wish to undergo surgical options for their joints or other muscular malfunctions. However, over the recent couple of years, advanced studies proved it to be equally fascinating for hair as well. If you are someone who is noticing a recession in your hairline. Or the fallout of the numerous strands in your comb is stressing you out. Do not worry, we have the best solution to your ongoing problem. Read about; PRP Hair Treatment and discover what Ageless PRP Hair Treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can do for you. Simply book your slot and visit us today.

What Makes PRP Convenient For All?

The reason is the fact that this treatment does not precisely require any age restriction. Although our services are for adults above 18 and onwards. However, not all invasive or non-invasive procedures are best for every age group. Therefore, the wide range of treatment options and accessibility make it incredibly convenient for all healthy candidates to benefit from the therapy. 

How Does It Work For Hair Growth?

Hair growth is closely linked with blood circulation. On the other hand, this circulation is revolving around collagen cells. When both active activities begin to slow down or completely decline, you end up noticing hair recession or baling patches. Therefore, to reverse the negative outcomes, Plasma-rich injections are introduced for a boosting effect to make incredible efforts. The stem cells generate collagen and promote the elasticity and well-being of the newest follicles. Whereas, the plasma is going to increase the blood flow and sustain the maintenance by keeping the roots firmly rooted to the dermis of your scalp. Hence, you will notice brilliant growth in less than 5 to 6 months, depending on your current condition.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of therapies that are required is highlighted by the Dermatologist only. This is why, we recommend you to opt for an initial consultation session. An expert will examine your concerning areas and review your medical history before signing you up for this treatment. However, to give you an average course of therapies, we are looking at a good 3 to 4 sessions before improvements can begin to reveal themselves. Moreover, you are also eligible to upgrade yourself to a monthly or annual session for maintenance.

How Is The Method Performed?

We perform our non-invasive procedures in the office. Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the process;

  • You are advised to be fasting before heading to the clinic. This method requires an empty stomach because we are working with the blood solely.
  • During the process, a nurse will disinfect the dorsum of the arm and place a rubber ball in your palm. You must squeeze it firmly as we extract some samples from your veins.
  • Some syringes are filled before placing them into a special machine that is in charge is separating the white from the red blood cells.
  • The red cells are upgraded to stem cells after the process. These are then gradually inserted into your receding hairline. 
  • The duration of the session is going to last for an hour or more, depending on your problematic areas.
  • In the end, we will sign you up for another follow-up therapy. You are guided over the aftercare precautions to experience smoother progress.

What Are The Benefits For Me?

There are countless perks to PRP Hair Treatment. We gathered a few popular and most talked about happy facts;

  • Candidates talk about a smooth and flawless growth of volumized hair. There is no need to opt for additional volumizing products.
  • Your natural hair will become denser and stronger from roots to tips. This will also eliminate the thinning and split ends.
  • The increased blood circulation will keep your hair healthy and shiny. Furthermore, further fallout will also be decreased to a noticeable percentage.
  • You can easily scalp massage your head from time to time. Moreover, opting for haircuts or trims will not affect your natural growth at all.
  • The follow-up sessions will lock the health and prosperity to the head. You can even color or style according to your mood or preference.
  • In addition to this, there are no side effects or any underlying risks latched to the therapy either. It is an FDA standard procedure that will boost collagen within the scalp.
  • The presence and activeness of collagen cells will prevent future harm to the hairline. You will experience less breakage even when shampooing or combing your hair.
  • Lastly, you will feel confident about yourself. The aesthetic upgrade is going to instill a youthful appearance in your overall personality. 

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