Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai

Aside from the fact that from time-to-time the human individuals have conquered intense ways to treat their physical, dental, and health hazards. However, while having a Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Dubai make sure not to forget and ignore the unexpected and expected advantages and disadvantages which play a vital role in providing a beneficial outcome. Talking particularly about dental health and related concerns, it can be observed that the field has been divided into two further branches: dentistry and orthodontists. Dentistry is helpful in attaining simple treatments of the teeth, however, on the other hand, the orthodontist merely depends on repairing and reshaping the teeth in order to give them an aesthetically pleasing and beautified outer cored look. Both of them are capable of being applied to teeth in order to have a better-looking appearance, however the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Should be searched out too. 


The treatment of full mouth rehabilitation just relies on the goal, expectations, and needs of the patient. Depending on the related concerns the procedure for the treatment is arranged and scheduled because this method of treating the individual is a medley of many other methods like dental implants, traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures, dental bridges, dental crowns, tooth-colored fillings, root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, porcelain veneers, and tooth extractions. Individuals who want to treat their teeth with this pattern need detailed consultation sessions with orthodontists.

Aim Of Treatment:

Despite its simple but detailed procedure it is not commonly accepted and followed by individuals, yet is aimed at the treatment of the few individuals who are suffering and bearing the outcome of losing and damaging their teeth, this is possible due to any incident, accident, etc. also the individuals who are having the cracked, and gaped teeth a necessity to consult for this treatment. In case of constant discoloration of teeth, the individuals are required to contact an orthodontist for treatment, on the contrary to this if the person is suffering from any specific disease like periodontal disease, the individual is referred to have a full mouth rehabilitation.


Best Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation Clinic in Dubai Best Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai


As has been mentioned earlier too that full mouth rehabilitation is a compilation of many dental treatments which are implied according to the need of the individual, so a few of the procedures conducted under this treatment pattern are briefly mentioned below:

Procedure For Porcelain Veneers:

  • For the application of veneers, the individuals need to visit the orthodontist to have a brief consultation with the specialist.
  • During the consultation, they pile up all the related and needed information regarding the teeth treatment, but before the patient leaves the office, a temporary fix has been added to their mouth.
  • After a few days, the patient needs to revisit the office in order to once and for all adjust the veneers. 

Procedure For Root Canal Therapy:

  • The course of action is applied when the patient also has pain.
  • During the procedure of the root canal, the pulp is then removed. 
  • Further, the teeth are disinfected, cleaned, and filled in to seal the space on the teeth. 

Advantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

The advantages can also be counted as the benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Dubai, which are:

  • This treatment can help the individual in gaining confidence with the help of a bright and charming smile. 
  • Depending on the need of the patient the teeth will be aligned along with the gaps are also filled.
  • Periodontal disease is cured and treated with the help of this procedure.
  • The beautified and comfortable smile will be restored with the help of this treatment.
  • Aside from owning the aesthetic smile on the face, the individual is also capable of enjoying improved dental and oral health.
  • Setting aside these lists of advantages, full mouth rehabilitation is also applied by the temporomandibular disorder.
  • According to the need, goals, and expectations of the individuals the teeth are supposed to go through the procedure of restoration.

Disadvantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Despite owning a lot of advantages full mouth rehabilitation also comes along with a couple of disadvantages:

  • After the application of a few of the procedures, the teeth might encounter teeth sensitivity, however, that will remain for a few days and can be leisurely treated.
  • Sometimes, because of the open gums, they are capable to become a hub of bacteria and diseases, which further can generate issues.
  • Merely the individuals have also faced the consequences of this treatment while breaking a particular portion of their teeth.
  • If the individual is not able to communicate properly beforehand or forgot to reveal any specific allergic, then there are the expected chances that the patient end up encountering any kind of allergic reaction.    
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