Acne Treatment for Dry Sensitive Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

The acne problem is a widespread issue faced by many teenagers and older ones. But it is more critical to solve Acne Problems on dry skin with sensitivity issues but it’s not impossible to cure it. A wide range of Acne Treatment for Dry Sensitive Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is introduced by medical science in Dubai. 

Acne Causes:

Acne is basically caused due to the release of sebum or most of the time oil by the skin. Oily skin is more prone to acne. But dry skin is also affected by acne. Skin stays supple because of moisture in it but when this moisture quantity gets reduced it makes the skin crack and peel. Skin becomes more vulnerable to the attack of microorganisms due to flakes and cracks. Skin becomes weak and its barriers got down which lets it produce red-filled pumps over it.

Sensitive Skin Problems:

Sensitive skin is very delicate to handle because most acne treatments are for oily skin. Due to lack of moisture in sensitive skin get more cracked when treated because for an acne treatment patient is asked to stop oil-based moisturizers on the skin. Which makes it more craked and starts peeling off.


A lot of treatments are available out there for active acne. But for sensitive and dry skin delicacy is required. Laser therapy, steroid injections, and light therapy can be used respectively depending upon the sensitivity of the skin toward the treatment as well the level of dryness in it.

Laser Therapy:

A beam of laser is used to destroy the overactive performance of glands and bacteria without affecting the outer surface of the skin.

Steroid Injections:

It’s a multi-session treatment in which a shot of steroids is injected into the acne directly which reduces its inflammation and size gently and shows effective results.

Light Therapy:

This therapy is used when you have sensitivity on a minimum stage because the direct target of this therapy is to reduce sebum production. Skin is placed under red and blue light which destroys sebum and reduces its production.

After Therapy Followup:

  • After going through therapy skin become more sensitive for a time being. Pores are wide open as well so the skin is vulnerable to getting affected by dust or UV really fast.
  • Proper use of medicated Sunscreen is recommended by the dermatologist to stay safe from UV rays.
  • Twice cleansing of skin every day.
  • Exfoliate the skin weekly but at least after 1 week of the treatment.
  • A perfect balanced diet to control sebum production.

Why Choose Us?

Skin is very delicate to handle. And why waste time, money, and even your beauty by going somewhere there is no preference for your problems and skin. Visit your very own Enfield Royal Laser Clinic in Dubai and get a very free first consultation with our expert team of dermatologists and know what is best for you and get an Acne Treatment for Dry Sensitive Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.