Acne Scar Treatment for African American Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Black Skin tone is more prone to hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars as well the scar treatment is a bit more sensitive for darker skin. Darker skin can not be treated the same way as a lighter one. Laser therapy is the only way to treat acne on skin with a denser tone. Non-Ablative and ablative laser therapy is quite efficient in treating  Acne Scar Treatment for African American Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

To Know:

On darker skin, the treatment for all such types of scarring is Laser therapy. In the world of cosmetic dermatology, technology advances in the field of laser treatments. It becomes the most well-known treatment worldwide for the resurfacing of affected skin with scars. This treatment provides the best results with very small downtime and gives refined skin with an evenly resurfaced touch. 

To conduct this therapy it is very necessary to know the intensity of laser for the safety and efficacy on dark skin as laser therapy is a very effective therapy it also needs care and delicacy because it is a sensitive treatment. This means if care is not taken or a highly intense beam of laser light is applied on dark skin it may chaise more and more hyperpigmentation to the skin or it may also cause permanent scarring such as hypopigmentation due to laser trauma to the skin. 


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Scar Types And Treatments:

Darker skin has multiple types of acne scars depending upon the exposure given to the skin. Types of scars may include:

  • Raised Scars:

Such types of scars are caused because of hypertrophic acne or sometimes chickenpox. Scars are raised above the skin and are quite prominent over dark skin. The reason for such acne is when the skin is unable to reform the damaged tissues. And then the skin cells start dying out.

  • Indented Scars:

Atrophic acne causes such types of scars. Any inflammatory disease to the skin may include injuries, which destroy the underneath collagen of the skin and cause indented scars. Such scars are more difficult to treat than its acne. They are quite painful as well.

  • Hyperpigmentation:

Such types of Scars can be caused by acne as well as excess sun exposure or due to unbalanced hormone release in the body which increases the melanin underlying the skin. It is formed in the form of dark patches on the skin.

  • Hypopigmentation

When skin undergoes any type of trauma in response to burns, resurfacing therapies, wounds, and surgical procedures. The melanin inside the skin goes excessive from the amount normally needed and causes white patches on the skin also known as hypopigmented scars.

Radiofrequency Treatment:

This treatment is the best know treatment in treating scars of any type or on any type of skin. This treatment basically works on healing scar wounds and producing fresh collagen under the skin and repairing the fatty tissue of the skin. A number of radio active pulse is passed on the skin with moderate frequency. This sublative rejuvenation restores back the smoothness, freshness, and brightness of the skin. It not only removes scars or pigmentation it also gives a younger look to skin as well.

Cost of Scar Treatment for African Skin:

The cost of this treatment depends upon multiple factors which may include the level of clinic, location of the clinic, the expertise of dermatologists with this treatment, equipment used, the number of sessions taken, and the most important is the condition of the skin to be treated. 

The estimated cost of eMatrix Acne Scar Treatment for African American Skin may range from AED1200 to AED2200.

Why Choose Us?

Radiofrequency treatment needs delicacy to treat as it is highly sensitive in nature when applied on darker skin. Due to its sensitive nature, a lot more expertise is required to handle it. Our expert dermatologist and aesthetic staff at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai know how to handle such sensitive matters of your skin. Pay a visit to our clinic and get a very first free consultation and know more about your skin rejuvenation and Acne Scar Treatment for African American Skin Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Feel free to contact us.