ACell PRP Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Deals

People get many issues regarding their hair, and skin, and got injuries. These problems can be solved by a patient’s own blood. This technique by which the individual’s own blood is utilized is PRP which is also in use and a lot of people are going for it because it is a natural process of healing the skin and muscles. Problems like hair loss, baldness, and skin rejuvenation can be done by this process. Many parts of the body can be treated by this procedure which is arms, face, neck & thighs. But to receive any treatment a patient always wants to know the price of the procedure but this ACell PRP Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is affordable and will cost you less than other procedures in our Royal Clinic Dubai.

What is Cell PRP?

A procedure in which the doctor utilizes the blood cells of the patient to restore the skin and hair. This PRP causes the blood cells to grow faster and form collagen. This ultimately enhances the skin and reduces hair loss. In the method, the blood cells are withdrawn from the body and then these cells are processed for insertion. These red cells are put in a centrifuge which will separate the growth factors which will then be injected back into the skin. This will accelerate the production of further blood cells and collagen in that area giving the results in a natural way.

Outcomes of the Treatment:

The results that can be achieved by the process are visible in days depending on the person’s body type. Also, the outcomes will remain there for almost a year. The overall results of the treatment depend on the skills of the doctor and how they’ll proceed. 

Advantages Attached to the Procedure:

Regarding the PRP treatment a patient can get a lot of benefits which are present below:

  • Your hair loss issue will be solved by the procedure
  • Dead skin will get rejuvenated 
  • You will look young and it will reverse the aging factor
  • Your confidence will be improved
  • Life feels more enhanced 
  • Natural process no side effects
  • Treatment that is reasonable
  • No recovery time is required


ACell PRP Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is AED 700 to AED 3000. The cost depends on various factors like the :

Establishment of the Clinic:

The site where the clinic is located decides the fee for treatment.

Qualification & Experience of the Doctors:

If the medic is really qualified & has a lot of experience in the field then the doctor will charge respectively.

Quantity of Sessions:

Sessions that are included in the treatment choose the general process cost. More visits will result in more charges.

Treatment Kind:

Counting on the type of treatment the doctor will determine the cost.  This PRP treatment will not cost you more than the competitive procedures.

Services Present at the Clinic:

Fees of the process rely on the facilities a patient can receive at the clinic. More favors will charge you accordingly.

The Demand of the Doctor:

The price depends on the demand of the medic too. If the doctor asks for more money as compared to other doctors because the specific medic has more skills then the fee will be as per the desire of the physician. 

The final cost will be selected by the doctor when the patient will see the doctor.

Side Effects:

The risks related to the treatment are minimal as it works by natural phenomena. Blood clotting can happen that’s why a patient needs to stay hydrated before the procedure. 

Why Choose Us?

To get the most affordable and effective treatment you should search and find a reasonable clinic. Our Enfield Royal Hair Clinic is providing a cost-effective therapy by which you can all get your desired outcomes. The professionals at our clinic perfectly know how to carry out a procedure. To treat your skin and hair problems this ACell PRP Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is kept in range in our clinic and we are offering a free appointment in which you can talk to our doctors. To grab the option you just need to complete the consultation form given below!