Acell Injections for Hair Growth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

An important element of the complicated therapy recommended by a trichologist for the treatment of hair is the Acell Injections for Hair Growth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah of particular formulations into the scalp to enhance hair health. Although not a cure-all, these injections assist hair regeneration processes to go more quickly and effectively.

The doctor will do the required hair examinations, make a diagnosis, and prescribe treatment, which may include administering medication injections into the scalp, during the initial visit. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis, taking into account the condition of the hair and the seriousness of the issue, to decide the makeup of the injected funds, the frequency, and the length of the process.

Composition Of Hair Preparations:

What will help the hair’s condition be better? Only medications that have been examined. Hair injections could consist of:

  • B vitamins balance metabolic processes, promote the creation of pigment, and cure the state of the hair;
  • Zinc is a key ingredient in formulas recommended for scalp hair loss because it inhibits an enzyme that causes hair follicle dystrophy.
  • Growth factors serve to strengthen hair shafts, activate hair follicles, and enhance blood microcirculation in the vicinity of hair follicles;
  • Amino acids: contribute to the synthesis of collagen fibers and strengthen hair structure;
  • Panthenol – calms, lessens itchiness, and relieves skin irritation;
  • Hyaluronic acid – draws and holds moisture in the epidermal cells.


You shouldn’t hope for a miracle if you have full baldness because the method only affects living bulbs. Injections for hair growth in the head are a successful treatment for

  • Hair fall
  • Hair with a lot of oil;
  • Flakes of skin and dandruff;
  • Hair thinning;
  • Split ends are present.
  • Injections to increase hair density are also popular and successful.

Course of Procedure:

Acell Injections for Hair Growth Dubai & Abu Dhabi is administered using injections as follows. The following elements are clarified, contraindications are ruled out, and then an antiseptic is applied to the scalp. The following step involves injecting a cocktail or minipreparation that has been specifically chosen by a cosmetologist into the skin’s thickness using a specialized needle. One to five centimeters (cm) separates consecutive injections. The chemical is injected between 1.5 and 2 mm deep.

The entire process takes between 30 and 40 minutes. After completion, no aseptic stickers or dressings are applied. Because the injections are administered using a needle with a very small diameter, the process is not particularly uncomfortable. She doesn’t need to be sedated. The procedure takes time. You will require numerous courses of 10-15 sessions held every other week in order to repair a broken bulb. Supportive techniques are not disallowed.

Rehabilitation Period:

It is advised not to wash your hair for three days following the treatment, get a massage, go to the spa, or use the solarium. The quick healing of the injection site is aided by precautions. The day before the treatment, hair coloring is not generated. Such activities are best carried out a few days prior to mesotherapy or following the last day of the recovery period. Patients with this issue claim that the specialist performing the procedure has professional skills that greatly contribute to the procedure’s success. The trichologist is capable of performing careful diagnostics of the condition of the scalp and hair, choosing the necessary cocktail, and technically competently carrying out the procedure.

Is the Acell Method Useful?

You can enhance the quality of your current hair and, to some extent, stop further hair loss with the aid of the Acell, which regenerates the tissue and restores it. Prior to using this technique as a pre-operative treatment, patients with hair illnesses like ringworm were thought to be ineligible for hair transplantation. Now, however, these people are not only eligible for the procedure but also have much higher success rates.

Why Choose Us?

Lack of expertise on the part of the clinician may result in undesirable consequences and reduce the procedure’s overall efficacy. Your ACell Injections for Hair Growth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah should only be administered by a qualified professional, such as Dr. Sannia Awais, who is experienced in carefully drawing blood and injecting it in its purified state combined with hair stem cells. She has an extensive understanding of the methods that can help even with significant hair loss as a prominent expert in Acell injection.