A Comprehensive Guide To Breast Reconstruction in Dubai Cost

Women carry pride in their femininity. There are so many anatomical features that add charm and grace to the body. However, due to serious problems or a reverse in your health, a number of undesired circumstances turn into a nightmare. This is the effect of breast cancer. To cure the complication, the affected region is surgically discarded for restoration of health. But the good news is; not only is cancer curable now. But also, the aftermath can be reversed for better health and aesthetic improvements. Read about; Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai. And discover; A Comprehensive Guide To Breast Reconstruction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

This is a cosmetic procedure that is held for those women who wish to improve their body shape and dimension after cancer. There are a variety of options to choose from, however, only the plastic surgeon is able to determine the best suitable option for the ideal candidate. Breast Reconstruction is all about replacing your natural breast with implants. The adjustments are made according to your age and body structure.

Who Is Eligible To Undergo This Surgery?

This is usually performed for those candidates who have successfully fought off cancer. And after a complete recovery, they wish to enhance their feminism. Hence, a number of options are available for these patients. From different techniques to implants of your choice, you can discuss your designated goals and standards to aid your motivations and expectations. All you got to do is; walk in for a personalized meeting with one of our top surgeons. He/She will examine your overall health and after careful analysis, the expert will register you for this treatment.

What Is The Procedure?

This is a detailed and precise operation, therefore it is going to take some time to complete the restoration process. Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the plan of action;

  • The reconstruction is going to take place inside the surgery room. However, you are drawn under the influence of general anesthesia throughout the treatment to avoid any pain memory afterward.
  • A few lines are marked on the region under care. This is where the new modification is going to take place. 
  • The area is carefully cut open. The required implantation is inserted inside the tissues as a replacement for your new breast. This step is also repeated on the other side as well.
  • The wounds are then manually stitched with the help of dissolving sutures. A number of topical medications are applied on top to prevent any infection.
  • The surface is covered and you are shifted to the recovery room for further assistance and care. 

What Are The Benefits Of Augmentation And Restoration?

There are multiple advantages to Breast Reconstruction Surgery. Read and find out;

  • You can comfortably wear clothes without feeling self-conscious about yourself. 
  • Even single garments or a day at the beach is not going to keep you from having fun. You can generally carry on with life after a full recovery.
  • It is also going to improve your aesthetic profile. As a result, you feel confident and self-assured about yourself. 
  • Your self-esteem and mental health are also going to excel. No more negative thoughts will enter your mind and cause distress.
  • Furthermore, it is also a boost to your quality of life. Your living standards and overall health is empowered. 
  • And finally, the recovery time period is minimal as compared to other surgeries. You can resume your work within two weeks’ time.

What Is The Aftercare Guidance For Me?

Each individual patient will recover according to their capacity and stamina for improvement. Although, there are different techniques and implementations involved for every different candidate. However, the post-treatment precautions are the same for everyone in terms of healing smoothly. Follow these guidelines for flawless results;

  • You must not lift any heavy weight.
  • Do not consume any alcohol.
  • Refrain from tighter garments.
  • Taking part in physical activities is also prohibited for the time being. 
  • Take your medications on time and opt for regular check-ups to avoid any mishaps.

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