8 Things You Need to Know Before You Get CoolSculpting in Dubai

A strong diet and exercise routine might not be sufficient to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. When patients want to get rid of stubborn fat safely, effectively, and with little to no downtime, they turn to our FDA-cleared fat reduction procedure called CoolSculpting. How does this technology operate then? Listed below are some details concerning this non-surgical procedure:

While your fat is being “frozen,” you may slumber. Controlled cooling is used while the device is in place in the designated region for treatment. While you wait, you may unwind by reading, watching TV, or checking your email. At first, you’ll feel a lot of pressure and cold, but it passes.

The treatment’s lack of physical preparation is one of its most appealing features, but there are 8 Things You Need to Know Before You Get CoolSculpting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Safe and Effective Treatment:

Noninvasive. Nonsurgical. Safe and efficient. permanent fat reduction Does it seem too wonderful to be true? Greetings from the fantastic world of CoolSculpting. What used to seem like science fiction is now a reality because of advancements in technology.

The procedure known as cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting, uses low temperatures and cooling to permanently eliminate resistant subcutaneous fat by freezing body cells. The American Food and Drug Administration has approved CoolSculpting as a secure and reliable medical procedure.

Suitable Candidate for the Treatment:

Does CoolSculpting suit my needs? At our medical spa, we get calls and walk-ins asking this same question every single day. For whom is CoolSculpting a good option?

The moniker “Cool-Sculpting” makes it simple to recall the procedure’s actual goal. Keep in mind that the word “sculpting” implies “to form or carve.” By eliminating subcutaneous fat, or the fat that lies just beneath the skin, CoolSculpting is designed to contour a body that is already toned. Visceral fat, which is deeper and located around the organs, is not meant to be removed during the treatment.

Freezing the Fat:

It’s possible that you’ve heard rumors about a non-surgical, permanent fat reduction procedure. Or perhaps you keep seeing your pals brag on social media about the fantastic CoolSculpting results they had. No matter what you already know or have heard about CoolSculpting. We’ll start from the beginning and offer you the inside information. The CoolSculpting treatment was developed in partnership between Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School and Dieter Manstein of Massachusetts General Hospital. These two researchers carried out a study in the past that revealed kids who consumed popsicles would get dimples as a result of little pockets of fat cells being exposed to freezing temperatures. The realization that the skin and surrounding tissue were not harmed as a result of this treatment revolutionized the liposuction industry. Rather, the only cells impacted were the fat cells.

A Relaxing Procedure:

One of the 8 Things You Need to Know Before You Get CoolSculpting in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Bring a book, your phone, or your preferred crossword puzzle, then unwind as we freeze the fat away as you sit back and read! Literally! Patients who undergo CoolSculpting endure only minor pain.

Our qualified practitioner will use a specialized instrument during the operation to freeze the cells in a specific area of the body. These cells crystallize and die when they are frozen. Dead fat cells are then removed from the body by the liver after the surgery. Because it is nonsurgical and noninvasive, you can resume work and your daily activities right away.

Easy Recovery:

Your body will naturally eliminate the fat cells when they are digested by the liver after the therapy after the cells have crystallized and perished. Keep in mind that this therapy is not meant to help you lose weight; rather, it is a non-invasive technique to lower the amount of subcutaneous fat in troublesome locations.

Results with CoolSculpting are not visible right away since the body takes some time to get rid of the dead cells. Instead, the majority of patients start to show improvements after just one month. Usually, three months after the treatment, the final effects become most obvious.

Not a Type of Liposuction:

CoolSculpting Is Not a Liposuction Procedure

CoolSculpting is a therapeutic fat-reduction procedure, similar to liposuction. Similar to liposuction, the fat cells are permanently eliminated. The outcomes of CoolSculpting are on par with those of liposuction. CoolSculpting, however, is not liposuction. Do not mix the two up.

One involves removing the body’s fat cells through surgery (liposuction). The alternative is a non-surgical, highly effective, less expensive method of achieving long-term fat loss (CoolSculpting).

Long-lasting Results:

As soon as three weeks following therapy, you can start to see improvements. The most notable consequences appear two months later. Up to six months following treatment, your body will keep eliminating the dead fat cells.

What if, following therapy, I put on weight? Following therapy, many patients report feeling more inspired to take better care of themselves. If you put on weight, it could happen equally over your entire body and not just where it was treated.

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