5 Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Laser hair removal has been done since the 80s of the last centuries. Almost 40 years have passed, but people continue to believe in the myths about this procedure. If you are just considering laser hair removal, we will tell you why these 5 Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are groundless. Some sought to exaggerate the possibilities of laser cosmetology, others, on the contrary, to downplay. One way or another, supporters and opponents of advanced technologies in medicine became the creators of a wide variety of myths about both laser cosmetology and laser medicine in general.

5 Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal:

Here are the 5 Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal and the most terrible “horror stories” that are walking on the pages of women’s forums and websites. Most often they are distributed by those who have never removed their hair with a laser. Those who have undergone laser hair removal are absolutely satisfied with the result.


Best 5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal in Abu Dhabi   best 5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal in dubai  5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal in dubai

5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal in Abu Dhabi  5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal Clinic in Dubai   Best 5-misconceptions-about-laser-hair-removal Clinic in Dubai

First Misconception:

“Laser hair removal does not remove blonde hair”

This is the most common misconception. It is due to the fact that laser hair removal is confused with photo epilation, which removes dark hair. In fact, with a laser, you can remove hair of any color, even the slightest.

Of course, this was the case at a time when laser hair removal only appeared in cosmetology, and only a ruby ​​laser was used to carry out this procedure. 

Since that time, laser equipment has expanded significantly, and various types of lasers for hair removal have appeared, which made it possible to carry out the procedure quite effectively, without taking into account the color type of a person. Read more about lasers in the article “Types of lasers used for epilation and hair removal”.

Second Misconception:

“The treatment cannot be done on tanned skin”

Another misconception is associated with a misunderstanding of the difference between laser radiation and IPL light. Laser hair removal is applicable for both light and dark skin, including tanned. Another thing is that redness remains after the procedure, and until it passes, it is advisable to avoid tanning, and visiting a solarium. The use of sunscreen is also recommended.

Third Misconception:

“It is a painful procedure; it leaves burns after it”

The use of modern lasers has made epilation painless and safe. However, the belief that the procedure was painful remained. This is a reminder of the time when imperfect ruby ​​lasers were used for hair removal. The procedure was really painful. But now this is no longer the case. Of course, if you go to a good clinic with modern equipment. Burns from hair removal is evidence of the low qualification of a cosmetologist.

Fourth Misconception:

“The treatment will cause Ingrown hair”

This is absolutely excluded, unlike waxing or sugaring. During waxing, the hairs are removed using the “pulling out” method. In this case, the bulb may remain and deform. Because of this, the hair grows in an unusual direction and begins to grow. In some cases, the hairs do not even grow through the top layer of the epidermis.

The laser directly affects the follicle: it heats up and destroys it. With laser hair removal, the hair does not change the direction of growth, so ingrowth is completely excluded.

Fifth Misconception:

“Laser treatments can cause cancer”

Laser radiation used for hair removal does not contain ultraviolet radiation, so it cannot provoke cancer. A myth that has a scientific refutation. The laser beam penetrates 1-4 mm deep. This distance is enough to affect the hair follicles on the body. At the same time, no internal organ is located so close to the surface of the skin. 

In addition, in cosmetology, a laser with red radiation is used, which affects melanin, a pigment substance in the body. Therefore, laser hair removal does not affect mutagenic processes in any way.

A Safe and Effective Hair Removal Method

As you can see, all myths have no scientific justification. If you want smooth legs or a hassle-free summer on the beaches, consult an experienced beautician. Only a real specialist will be able to tell what effect the procedure will have on you. In addition, many do not know that there are several types of lasers for hair removal. Only the master can advise the best option that will bring the expected results.