2000 & 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, such as heredity, hormones, or ageing. Hair transplantation is a viable option for most people who are experiencing hair loss. Everyone who has hair loss and researches hair transplantation will come across the word grafts at some point. Follicular units from the donor location are referred to as grafts.

The amount of grafts required for a hair transplant varies depending on the desired results; nevertheless, a typical hair transplant can take 2000 to 3000 grafts, which has a direct impact on the cost. Find out 2000 & 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi below.

Who should get 2000 & 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant?

If you want to undergo this treatment, you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Remove baldness, whether it’s partial or widespread.
  • Fix your hair if it’s brittle and weakened.
  • Enhance the look of your hairline

The quantity of grafts employed in the treatment, however, has an impact on the outcomes. The more you have, the better your results will be in general.


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What determines the Number of Grafts?

The quantity of grafts required to restore the hair to its former beauty and volume is determined by the degree of hair loss.

The Norwood scale is used to evaluate the number of grafts necessary for a suitable candidate for hair transplantation and is used to assess the degree of development of the baldness area.

As a result, if you’re wondering how many grafts you’ll need for a hair transplant, we’ve put together a table for you below. Determine your hair loss stage to determine the estimated number of grafts needed for transplantation.

How many hairs are there in one Graft?

The follicles contain the hair roots from which the hair grows. The hair develops in clumps. Up to three hair roots can be found in a single follicle. Both men and women follow the same trend.

How much does 2000 & 3000 Grafts Cost?

The cost of 2000 & 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai can range from AED 5,999 to AED 8,000. After the initial consultation, the doctor will calculate the final fee. The cost of grafts hair transplant varies based on the clinic and other factors.

Cost Defining Factors:

There are various factors that determine the cost of any treatment, including:

  • Doctor’s qualifications, talents, and experience
  • Expected outcomes
  • The method that was used
  • The donor and recipient areas.

Technique of Transplant:

The first step is to prepare the donor site. The hair in the donor area is clipped to the desired length, which is usually around 1-2 millimeters. The doctor next harvests as many grafts as feasible from each square centimetre of the specific location.

Application of local anesthesia:

The harvesting of grafts from the donor site is the initial stage.

Following the transplant, a specific sterile bandage containing a medicinal composition is given to the donor site to aid in the healing of micro-wounds created at the donor hair extraction sites.

The recipient area is being prepared for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is the ultimate phase. The doctor utilises tiny tweezers to replant the hairs in the desired cavity at the alopecia spot as rapidly as feasible.

The higher the guarantee of transplanted hair survival, the sooner this stage is completed.

How is the donor area affected?

The grafts are extracted from the rear of the head’s donor area. It’s between the earlobes, along the hairline. The hair that grows in this area is unique in that it is relatively immune to the hormones that trigger hair loss.

A reputable surgeon will not remove an excessive number of grafts. This ensures that adequate donor grafts are available for future hair transplant operations. This is crucial because hair loss is a progressive process.


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