10000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

A Hair Transplant is a sort of surgical procedure that involves the replacement of dead follicles with new ones whereas in this surgery the donor and accepter both are the same people. The procedure basically involves the follicle transfer from one side of the head to the other. The method used in the hair transplant operation has a direct impact on the procedure’s cost. The FUE hair transplant and the FUT hair transplant are the two methods used for hair transplant surgery. In general, FUT hair transplants are less expensive than FUE hair transplants, and when it comes to outcomes, the strip or FUT method is more effective in terms of the number of grafts and the longevity of the hair roots. As the strip is removed from the DHT-resistant region, the hair roots pulled via the FUT process are permanent in nature. People with larger surface areas tend to found curious to know about the 10000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Graft Processing:

Grafts are formed in FUT hair transplant methodology which involves separate extraction of each follicle. Those follicles are then divided into grafts. Each person has a different need for hair grafts depending upon the area needed to be harvested. Those grafts are then carefully placed on the designated spot and the area is then cleaned and left for recovery.

Cost for 10000 Grafts:

The number of hair grafts is always different for every person depending upon their need. Some people need 2000 grafts and some need 10,000 grafts to fully cover their hands with hair. So the cost varies according to the need. With an estimate, the 10000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts from 17000 AED and goes on depending upon the efforts required to extract those follicles. A number of factors are detailed below which describe the fluctuation of cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Following are the fluctuation elements that tend to change the cost anytime:

  • The clinical location is one of the main factors which is responsible for the ups and downs found in the cost due to the taxes each clinic is paying at their specific location.
  • The level of the clinic also defines the cost as each clinic has its own standards, level of doctors, certification and qualification of doctors, training of staff, and the quality standard of the equipment they used and the output they deliver.
  • The condition of the client is also meaning full as every person is different from the others so the needs of each person also differ from the others. This means the number of grafts will be changed also. Whereas the cost truly depends upon the number of grafts required by each client.

Installment Plan:

At our clinic in Dubai, we offer our clients as many facilities as we can so that they can have their treatment with satisfaction and with the joy of their hearts which comes from the greater output and financially supportive procedures. All the procedures that cost more than 10,000 AED can be paid in the form of installments to the clinic. You can have detailed information regarding our installment plan on our website as well you can call us at +971 4333 0708.

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